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Flextime Instructor Biographies
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2014 NEDA Flextime Instructor Biographies:

Jane Ashley - Windsor, VT.  Jane has performed successfully in three-day events, competitive trail rides, and dressage competitions.  In dressage, she has trained several horses to Grand Prix level.  She has earned USDF bronze and silver medals.  In recent years she has worked principally with well-known trainer Pam Goodrich.  She is a USEF "r” judge.  Jane teaches all levels.  Her teaching focus is on the basics:  developing a horse’s balance and gaits with emphasis on straightness and suppleness; improving a rider’s position and use of seat to ensure correct and effective application of aids.

Madeleine Austin – Williston, VT.  Madeleine Austin trains horses and riders up to Grand Prix at her farm, Imajica. From an early show jumping and eventing background, she has been a dressage professional for nearly thirty years. She has won USDF awards at all levels, always on horses she trained from the beginning. One of her strengths is the ability to teach riders how to feel what is correct so as to develop a harmonious partnership with their horses. She believes that the fundamentals of dressage will make any horse or rider better able to enjoy and excel in whatever discipline they may choose.  Stabling is available.

Joy Bahniuk - Harvard, MA. The owner and head trainer of Cadence Farm, Joy is a successful competitor in Region 8 and Wellington, FL. Joy has started horses from three years old and trained them up to the FEI levels. She has trained young riders from walk-trot to successful FEI riders, most notably her daughter, Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen. Joy has coached at the USEF National Equitation Finals, Dressage at Devon and the NAJYRC. Joy holds USDF bronze and silver medals. She enjoys working with riders of all levels and all types of horses. Stabling and school horses available.

Beth Baumert – Columbia, CT.  Beth Baumert operates Cloverlea Farm where she trains horses and riders from Training Level through Grand Prix.  She and her husband Alan have owned the farm for 37 years.  Their daughter Jennifer Baumert operates Cloverlea Dressage LLC in NC and Loxahatchee, FL.  Beth is a USDF Certified instructor through Fourth Level and an "L” graduate with distinction of the USDF judging program.  She served as the technical editor for Dressage Today magazine for more than fifteen years.  In that capacity, she was in constant contact with the best dressage riders in the world as they wrote about the technical aspects of dressage.

Beth Beukema – Rehoboth, MA. Beth is the Director of the Center for Equine Studies at Johnson and Wales University. She holds an "R” judge’s license in Dressage.  A graduate of the Eckart Meyners’ Balance in Motion program, she incorporates these techniques into her teaching. Through mounted and unmounted exercises, efficient results can be obtained in training the rider to move with the horse’s oscillations and develop harmony with the horse.  Beth particularly enjoys working with riders on the development of the seat and the correct use of the aids.  Students may wish to practice a dressage test and work on portions of the test that need development.  Summer is the best time for availability. 

Rita Brown – Scituate, MA.  Rita Brown is the head trainer at Longmeadow Farm in Scituate, Mass.  She has earned her USDF bronze, silver and gold medals, holds a bachelors degree of science in animal science and equine studies and is a USDF certified "L” judge since 1996.  Rita has helped many students earn their bronze and silver medals and enjoys competing her own horse as well as her horses in training.  "I enjoy working with horse and rider combinations that have a good basis of dressage and are interested in understanding how the training scale will improve their overall performance as a team.”  Stabling is available.

Roberta "Bobbi” Carleton – Salisbury, CT.  Bobbi Carleton is a USDF "L” graduate with distinction and a USDF bronze and silver medalist.  She is the trainer and manager of Weatogue Stables in Salisbury, CT.  The focus at the farm is on developing dressage and event horses into happy and athletic individuals with well rounded educations.  Bobbi enjoys working with both lower level riders and green horses, helping them to build their potential through solid basics.  She is an active competitor, showing her own and clients’ horses through the FEI levels as well as eventing.  Stabling and lesson horses available.

Helen Cast – Georgetown, MA. Helen was born in Surrey, England, where she apprenticed for certification with the British Horse Society & was first introduced to dressage by Donald Kear, a student of Charles deKunffy. Continuing her dressage training in the USA with Kathy Connelly, Helen has also worked with Henk Van Bergen, Pam Goodrich, Gary Rockwell, Karl Mikolka, Michelle Gibson, Dr Cesar Parra, Dotti Morkis, Annemieke Vincourt, Tom Noone, Bent Jensen & Janet Foy. USDF Silver & Gold Medalist currently competing on the FEI circuit with Donnersohn. Training stalls available, school horses available. www.helencastdressage Stabling and school horses from training level to GP available

Nancy Chandler-Conrey  – Waterboro, ME. Grand Prix Dressage rider. I have been riding 45+ years training and teaching for 30+ years. Pony Club, Competitive Trail Riding and Dressage background. My primary instructors have been Sue Jaccoma, Karl Mikolka and Kathy Connelly. I have also worked with Sharon McCusker, Dr. HLM van Schaik, J. Michael Kirkegaard and Cindy Sydnor. I have ridden in several clinics with Lilo Fore, Judy Westlake, Shelley Francis, Ann Guptill and others. Long time director and past Vice President of SMDA. I have won numerous year end awards with SMDA, MDS and NEDA. I am a USDF Silver & Gold Medalist and MDS Silver, Gold & Platinum Medalist. Trained and successfully competed my special horse Klassic through Grand Prix. Currently bringing along my challenging 9 year old Dutch gelding Zeppo.Kind and sensitive approach to teaching and love working with students of all levels. I especially love working with children and adult amateurs. I am the Viral Vector Core Manager at Maine Medical Center Research Institute and fully understand the dedication and commitment that it requires to ride and train while holding down a full-time job. Students may truck in to her Lyman, ME Forever Klassic Farm, or she will travel.


Yvonn Coleman-Larsen – Deerfield, NH.  Yvonn is a USDF certified instructor and USDF L graduate.  She covers 7 states giving clinics and judging shows.  Yvonn trained and competed in Denmark to FEI Levels.  She bases her instruction on proven classical dressage concepts using innovative yet simple to understand methods.  Yvonn has studied with top international instructors such as Kyra Kyrklund who share her philosophies.  She teaches all levels and creates a customized training plan geared to the ability and goals of the student; emphasizing the importance of understanding where the rider wants to go with their training and why different methods work.  A school horse and stabling is available.

Leah Conathan – Duxbury, MA.  Leah has been teaching dressage to adult amateurs for the last 15 years.  Her success in teaching comes from her ability to give her students the confidence and skills necessary to ride and compete.  Leah has a lifetime of experience correctly starting young horses giving them the same confidence she inspires in her students.  Her systematic and classical approach to riding and training is also patient and understanding, creating a consistent positive environment for both student and horse.  Leah is currently competing at 4th level working towards her USDF silver medal and is training with Kathy Von Ertfelda.  Leah teaches students through 2nd level.

Joy Congdon - Shelburne, VT. Joy operates her training and teaching business, Still Point Dressage in Shelburne, VT.  She is a USDF certified instructor through fourth level, a USDF graduate "L” judge and a USDF bronze and silver medalist. Joy was the assistant trainer to Kathy Connelly for seventeen years.  She enjoys working with all levels of horses and riders, and uses a system of progressive exercises, with emphasis on the rider’s position to help students learn and have a clear program to follow on their own.  She has worked with many different breeds and enjoys seeing the benefits that dressage can bring to any horse.  She is a popular clinician throughout New England and has earned many USDF and NEDA year end awards.  Stabling is sometimes available.

Leslie de Grandmaison – Auburn, NH.  For over 25 years, Leslie de Grandmaison has ridden and trained horses for dressage and eventing. She holds USDF bronze and silver medals, achieved USDF "L” graduate with distinction, and is British Horse Society Assistant Instructor Certified. She has competed successfully at Devon and won NEDA YEA Open Reserve Championships at Third Level in 2009 and placed third at Fourth Level in 2010. With strong emphasis on correct rider position and appropriate advancement, Leslie’s balanced and systematic teaching style creates happy, healthy and successful horse and rider teams.  For more information and full bio, please visit 

Dorothy Demis – Townsend, MA.  Dot Demis is a USDF bronze, silver, and gold medalist on horses she has trained herself. Her horse Fabian, was 14th for USDF Horse of the Year at the Intermediare II level in 2001. She has been retired from competition since 2004, but regularly brings students of all levels to recognized shows. In addition, she is a USEF 'R' Dressage Judge and has applied for promotion to 'S'. She is a popular clinician and judge throughout the region. She specializes in helping adult amateurs improve their connection and maximizing their potential both in the ring and out. Several of her students have achieved their bronze and silver medal scores in addition to regional and national awards. She owns and operates Settlement Farm along with her husband, Nick. Stabling is available.

Gretchen DeMone – Rehoboth, MA. Gretchen is a graduate of the USDF "L” Judges program, a USDF Certified instructor/Trainer, and a silver medalist.  Gretchen has trained with Kathy Connelly for five years.  Gretchen accepts all levels of horses and riders.  Her students range from beginner riders to serious competitors.  She is more interested in a student’s willingness to learn and the effort that is put into improving, than in the current level of the rider.  Her business is based on traveling to her students in the SE MA or RI area.  Focusing first and foremost on correct dressage basics, she often incorporates natural horsemanship, jumping, trail riding and galloping inter cross training program.  www.  Stabling is available.

David Donnelly – Old Chatham, NY.   David began dressage training in 1978 at the Potomic Horse Center's (PHC) Horsemaster Course with Pamela Goodrich. David worked at the Royal Lipizzan Stallion Show and was a working student for both Chuck Grant & Eicke Von Velthem. He went on to train classical Andalusians at the Kingdom of Dancing Stallions under Wolfgang Dellefont. David also worked as Bereiter in a top German sales barn, and was also a working student at Reitinstitute Von Neindorf, Karlsruhe, Germany under Egon Von Neindorf.  With over 30 years experience, David specializes in a holistic approach, practicing techniques of the French and modern classical schools to train horses and riders in all levels of dressage with a primary focus on lightness and relaxed responsiveness. He is also skilled in gymnastic longing, work in-hand, and long-reining, as well as pillars. Stabling and a school horse are available.

Olav Drehn – Millbrook, NY.  Olav achieved his Bereiter license in 1969 and has trained many horses and students to the FEI levels.  His philosophy holds that keeping a horse happy serves as the foundation for strong development of natural athletic ability and a good work ethic. He strives to bring your horse to its peak gymnastic development while helping you form the close connections and understanding that result in a true partnership that is effortless and relaxed.  By focusing on the basics of correct position, balance, soft and light aids, the idea that less is better, and the lighter the horse gets, the more you can collect it.  Stabling is available.

Kimberley Brown Edelmann - Warner, NH. Kimberley is a USDF bronze medalist, has earned several titles including NEDA's 2010 Freestyle Champion (USDF Levels), has competed successfully through 4th Level, and is an ARIA Certified Dressage Instructor. She began competing in dressage in the 1980's in Los Angeles, training with Grand Prix riders Louise Koch, Zola DaVirro, and Jan Hansen of Holland. While living in Europe for 12 years, Kimberley trained with Robert Pickles, a Fellow of the BHS, Jan Nivelle, and Christine Stuckelberger.  Using natural horsemanship to start and train horses, Kimberley gives priority to happy horses and safe working partnerships between horse and rider. Kimberley's farm, Kearsarge Meadows, includes a dust-free indoor arena, a 20x60 outdoor arena, and sound systems for freestyle to music work. Insured to teach off-site. Schoolmasters and stabling usually available

Pamela Goodrich – Boscawen, NH.  USDF silver and gold medalist, Pamela Goodrich has received numerous regional and national awards on over 20 horses she has trained to Grand Prix. Touch Stone was USDF Grand Prix Freestyle Champion, Midas Touch competed in the World Games in Toronto and Donnerhit won the open Grand Prix and Wellington Classic in 2010.  Pam’s students have competed successfully from Training Level to Grand Prix. They have competed in the Pan American Games, Olympic Sports Festivals, the World Cup, the World Equestrian Games, and the Olympics. She has coached riders who have won team Gold in the Pan American Games, competed in World Cup in S’Hertongenbosh, WEG, as well as national championships in the US.   Stabling is sometimes available.

Ann Marie Gregoire – Southwick, MA.  Ann Marie Grégoire, a 25+ year member of NEDA, owns and operates Silvercryst Farm in Southwick, MA. where she has a well developed lesson and training program for her boarders and outside students.  She also competed successfully through the Preliminary Level of Eventing before competing exclusively in dressage.  She is a USDF Bronze Medalist earned with horses that she bred and has trained thru FEI Levels.  Ann Marie was a four-time participant in NEDA sponsored USDF Instructor Seminars with Major Anders Lindgrenh and has studied with many fine riders including Lois Heyerdahl, Bruce Davidson, Pam Goodrich, Dorothy Morkis, and Dr. Van Scheik.  She has audited most of the seminars offered by NEDA earning a USDF University certificate.   Ann Marie is a breeder of Trakehner horses showing them in both breeding and riding.  She has been a popular clinician for several NEDA breed handling clinics.  Ann Marie believes that a correct position is the basis for becoming a good rider and she focuses on correct seat before moving on to more specific aspects of competition.  Ann Marie is also a USEF licensed Dressage and Eventing judge for 30+ years and her judging experience give students an edge in competition as she is able to give an accurate picture of what the judge expects. She has ridden and trained three- and five-gated saddle horses, hunters, jumpers and even western reining horses. Ann Marie finds dressage to be the most fascinating discipline, as one can use traditional dressage training to improve every horse, no matter what his ultimate job is. Furthermore, she believes that any breed of horse can do dressage. Some breeds may have more potential than others, but in the lower levels, correct training can and should enable most horses to compete successfully with even the best of movers. Dressage is, after all, training - not just fancy movement.  A school horse is available.

Mary A. Howard – Brentwood, NH. Mary Howard has won numerous Horse of the Year titles over the past 20 years. She has trained and competed successfully in Europe and was the highest ranked American rider in the Prix St Georges /Intermediare I at the 1986 World Championships. She was the winner at PSG/I1 level at the Pan Am Games in 1985, and was short listed for the 1988 Olympics. More recently, Mary has trained and competed Pik L to Intermediare I, with many wins locally and in Florida CDIs. She enjoys teaching motivated willing riders at all levels, with an emphasis on position and the training scale.  Stabling and a school horse are available.

Jane Karol - Concord, MA.  Jane is a U.S. Dressage Federation (USDF) bronze, silver and gold medalist. She has trained seven horses to Grand Prix, and has worked with many of the top clinicians in the world. She is currently engrossed in her work with the gifted Lendon Gray. In addition, she spent over twenty years learning from Gerrit-Claes Bierenbroodspot of the Netherlands. Jane opened Bear Spot Farm in Concord, MA in 1995. Home to 26 horses, the farm provides state-of-the-art care and structured training programs for horse and rider.  Jane Karol is a doctoral-level psychologist and works with children and adults in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. She established The Bear Spot Foundation for the Benefit of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy in 2004. The Foundation’s mission is to bring the gifts of the horse into a directed psycho-therapeutic program for children, adolescents and adults. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Stabling is usually available.

Allison Kavey – Millbrook, NY.  Allison Kavey is a USDF silver medalist, past participant in the NAYRC, and an established professional with a strong record of developing young or "difficult" horses into willing partners. Her recent competition results include qualifying for the small tour CDI at Devon in 2011 and top ribbons in the under saddle classes at the Devon breed show in 2012. She very much enjoys working with adult amateurs who want to improve their riding and their relationship with their horses.  Stabling is available and a school horse is sometimes available.

Elizabeth King – Goshen, NY. Orion Dressage Sporthorses’ head trainer bronze and silver medalist, Elizabeth King, has an extensive background in horsemanship and has been riding since she was four years old. Dressage has been Elizabeth’s focus since 1999 transitioning at that time from an earlier focus in the hunter/jumper world, Elizabeth has trained with Tom Noone, Gunnar Ostergaard, Melanie Southard and Andreas Helgestrand.  Elizabeth has worked with many different levels of horses and riders. She grew up riding ponies and many ex-race horses, and as a young girl at the family-run barn she gave "first start” lessons to children who were too young to begin riding instruction with her older sister. She has also spent time working with special needs and differently-abled riders. This history has left her with a love and respect for all breeds and taught her many skills that she uses daily in her approach to teaching and training. Her experience with such diverse needs (both human and equine) translates into her focus on fostering a complete understanding and connection between horse and rider, and it is this philosophy that guides and structures her individual training techniques.  Stabling is available.

Leslie Kornfeld - Maynard, MA.  For over forty years, Leslie Kornfeld has been teaching riders and training horses of various levels and backgrounds.  She is an ARIA Certified Level III Dressage Instructor (Beginner-Advanced), holds a USDF Bronze Medal in dressage competition, and has a degree in Education.  She believes that learning is best done in a positive environment, so she brings clear communication, patience and encouragement to her teaching.  She uses her extensive knowledge of learning styles, biomechanics, and training techniques, to help each rider and horse pair improve their partnership. Some of Leslie’s students have won national awards for their winning dressage scores performed at Training Level and First Level at dressage shows and in 3-phase eventing.  In addition to her other experience, Leslie has worked with and exhibited Lusitano horses, both at Equine Affaire and other venues.  Go to for more information.

Nancy Later Lavoie – Ashby, MA.  Nancy Later Lavoie started riding at an early age, participating in all horse sports and then settling on dressage while she was in High School. Her early years were spent in working student positions with Olympic riders Lendon Gray, Belinda Nairn (Wertman) and Jessica Ransehausen. Nancy has continued her education avidly through the years training in Germany with Ellen Bontje and Conrad Schumacher as well as in the US with Oded Shimoni and Steffen Peters. Nancy has trained horses and riders to the grand prix level, competed successfully thru grand prix in the US and in Europe and has her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals. In addition to many NEDA and USDF awards Nancy has also been named to the USEF Developing Horse list with many horses she has brought along herself. Presently Nancy is the USDF Region 8 Junior Young Rider Coordinator and Chef D'Equipe for the North American Junior Young Rider Championships.

Shan Lawton – Boston, MA.  Shan Lawton is a USDF Silver Medalist based at Riverfront Farm in Concord, MA.  He has trained with Karin Schlueter, Robert Dover, and Tom Noone.  He has trained and competed through the Grand Prix level.  Canadian Olympian Cindy Ishoy purchased Dakar from Shan at 6 and rode him at the Barcelona Olympics three years later.  Shan’s students have consistent records of success in competition at all levels.  In 2009 all of his students who competed qualified for regional championships (or, in the case of his junior rider, CADI).  In 2010, his junior rider earned her bronze medal in one season.

Jutta Lee – Woodstock, VT.  Jutta has been riding dressage for 40 years, training in Germany with Arthur Kottas Heldenberg and Stefan Radtke, a student of Arthur. Since moving to the US in 2009 Jutta has trained with Christoph Hess, Kathy Connelly and Bent Jensen. She has horses in all levels up to I -1. Jutta was a demo rider at the NEDA Fall Symposium in both 2010 and 2012 and also rode 2 horses at the Young Horse Forum 2011 with Christoph Hess and Michael Poulin. Her students have competed successfully up to third level. Jutta’s training approach rests very much on the German training scale with a strong emphasize on a correct seat for correct aids. Stabling and a school horse may be available.

Dee Loveless – Monson, MA.  Dee is an USEF "R” judge; FEI trainer; USDF Silver & Bronze medalist; dressage coach, Mt. Holyoke College.   Dee’s students include novice riders to FEI competitors; young riders; A/A’s and professionals.    She currently competes a Hanoverian, I-2; a Morgan, 3rd Level; 4 yr old Han., Training Level.  Dee competed in hunt seat and eventing before specializing in dressage in 1990.   Dee’s training comes from her work with a variety of instructors, old world classicists (Major Szilagyi, Captain deSzinay) modern trainers (Kathy Connelly, Mikala Gundersen, Roel Theunissen). Stabling is available.

Jayne Marino – New Milford, CT.  Jayne Marino has been involved in the equestrian world professionally since 1984, after her graduation from Bryn Mawr College. She has in depth experience teaching and competing in all the sport horse disciplines, including hunter/jumpers, combined training and dressage. In 1994, Jayne was certified by ARICP in combined training. Jayne has turned her personal focus to dressage and is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist. In 2010, she was USDF certified as an Instructor/Trainer through Fourth level and is currently apprenticing in the USDF Introductory Faculty Program. Jayne currently trains with Jacqueline Brooks, Roel Theunissen, Henk van Bergen and Maryal Barnett and also participates in local clinics. As Director of Mistover, Jayne makes the well-being of the horse a priority. As a teacher, she enjoys supporting the growth of partnership between horse and rider using a consistent training program. Stabling is available and a school horse is sometimes available.

Holly Mason – Lincoln, RI.  Holly Howard Mason specializes in the biomechanics of horse and rider. She has studied with many of the modern masters of dressage and has combined her extensive dressage knowledge with her design background, recently publishing "It’s Never Too Late". Her teaching is dedicated to helping riders understand the "why” behind what we do when we ride. "I enjoy helping riders grasp more clearly the physiological truths of humans sitting on horses. This allows riders to be better problem solvers, be more effective, and just have more fun”. More information about Holly Mason is available on her web site:  Stabling may be available.

Bill McMullin - Stoughton, MA.  Bill is a USDF certified instructor, a USDF silver medalist and USEF 'r' Judge.  Since 1998 he and partner Bill Warren have been operating Warren-McMullin Dressage in Massachusetts from May thru November and in Wellington, FL from December thru April.   For the past several years, Bill has studied primarily with Conrad Schumacher and George Williams.  This concentrated work with their classical approach has further strengthened Bill's teaching abilities and classical principles.  Bill enjoys teaching riders of all abilities and especially using gymnastic exercises to show the rider how to produce a better result with their horse while emphasizing the importance of a correct rider position throughout.

Patty Montana – Raynham, MA.  Patty is a USDF bronze and silver medalist and teaches out of Kyriebrook Farm in West Bridgewater, MA.  She has been teaching and training for 20+ years from Training Level through FEI.  She enjoys teaching both junior riders and amateur adults on horses and ponies, emphasizing correctness, confidence and harmony.  She has participated in the NEDA Weekend with Ralf Isselhorst and the USDF Region 8 Clinic with Walter Zettle.  Training primarily with Bill Warren, Patty has also had the opportunity to work with Shannon Dueck, Sue Jacoma, Ron Postleb, and George Williams.

Annie Morris – Columbia, CT.  Annie Morris is a USDF Certified Instructor through fourth level and a member of the faculty for the USDF's new Introductory Instructors program. She has received her bronze and silver medals competing successfully through Intermediare I and has trained horses of all ages and breeds at all levels through Grand Prix. She currently is the assistant trainer at Cloverlea Dressage CT with Beth Baumert. Her goal when teaching is to find ways for classical principles to help horses and riders in a concrete way.  Stabling is available.

Deborah Moynihan – Bolton, CT.  Deb is a USDF Certified instructor/Trainer (T-2), a USEA Certified Eventing Instructor (Level-1, Training) and a Level IV Centered Riding Instructor/Clinician.  Her specialty is teaching the rider how to effectively use their body, learn feel, achieve balance, and properly communicate with their horse.  She enjoys working with all levels of riders and horses.  USDF "L" Graduate w/Distinction A school horse is available

Jerilyn Nieder - Warner, NH.  Jerilyn is the owner/trainer of Twin Ridge Farm in Warner, NH. She is an "r" judge, has her USEF Bronze medal and is an FEI competitor. Jeri gives clinics around New England and enjoys teaching all levels. Having worked extensively with Karl Mikolka and Pam Goodrich, she has also been fortunate enough to ride with International trainer/riders such as Sue Blinks, Lilo Fore, Linda Zang , Carol Lavell, Lendon Gray, Jane Savoie , Cindy Sydnor and Shelly Francis. "Horses are the great joy and passion of my life and it is this love of the animal that forms the foundation of my personal philosophy on teaching people how to ride. It is the knowledgeable rider who's mount can realize his potential, perform his best, and enjoy doing it!".  Stabling and well educated school horses are available.

Colleen O’Connor-Dzik – Holden, MA.  Colleen O'Connor-Dzik's has trained many successful young horses and has trained and competed through Grand Prix, earning her USDF Bronze and Silver medals and is very close to earning her Gold. She is also adept at training and competing young and mature breeding stallions. Colleen is Assistant Trainer to Kathy Connelly with whom she has trained extensively. She has worked in the past with many notable national and international trainers including the 2007 NEDA Symposium with Olympian Ingrid Klimke at Intermediaire I and in the 2009 NEDA Symposium with Christoph Hess at Intermediaire II. Colleen trains out of Elysium Farm in Harvard, Massachusetts. She enjoys working with horses and riders of all levels and abilities. Stabling is available.

Linda Parmenter - Hubbardston, MA.  Linda has been teaching and training horses and students for more than twenty-five years, owns Pinehaven Farm and travels throughout New England for clinics. Linda has earned USDF bronze and silver medals and has won regional and national awards through FEI levels. Training over the years with such luminaries as Walter Christensen, Louise Nathorst, and Sue Blinks, Linda now regularly rides in clinics with internationally known Volker Bromman and Kathy Connell. Linda enjoys working with riders and horses of all levels and disciplines and focuses on learning the German training scale as well as longeing for the rider. She is very committed to the horses’ harmony and soundness.

Jodi Pearson-Keating – Hopkinton, MA.  Jodi was a member of the 1983 Region 8 JR/YR Dressage Team that won Team Gold and is a USDF bronze and silver medalist who has competed several horses at FEI.  Jodi currently trains with Olympian Michael Barisone and has also trained with Walter Christiansen, Louise Nathorst, Michael Poulin, Volker Bromman, Sue Blinks, Christopher Hickey and Sharon McCusker.  She has AA and YR clients that pin consistently at both recognized and schooling shows.  They often achieve placings in USDF regional champs, HOY and NEDA’s year end programs as well as high point awards at the local GMO. Jodi’s primary focus is establishing the optimum program for each individual horse/rider pair; keeping happiness, relaxation, and correct classical basics the priority.  Stabling is sometimes available.

Paula Pierce – South Hadley, MA.  Paula is a USDF Certified Instructor through Fourth Level and Silver medalist.  She has been the director of the Mount Holyoke College Equestrian Center since 2004.  Paula began to focus on dressage as a working student for Michael Poulin. Pierce continued her training with Meri Straz and eventually began working with Roel Theunissen at Wadsworth Farm in Danvers, Massachusetts.  Pierce successfully competes her horse, Morendo, at Prix St. Georges.  A school horse and stabling may be available.

Lisa Pierson – Hopewell Junction, NY.  Lisa has been a professional trainer and competitor for over 25 years. Born and raised in Michigan, she was owner and head trainer of Banbury Cross Farm in Ann Arbor, Michigan from 1985 until 2000. Lisa taught and competed in Eventing and Dressage, training primarily during this time with Bodo Hangen and Maryal Barnett. She also trained and competed in Florida with Patrick Burssens. In 1995, Lisa was named Michigan Combined Training Association Professional of the Year. After deciding to move East, Lisa moved her business in 2009 to its’ current residence at CB Walker Stables in Brewster, NY. In 1998, Lisa began training regularly with her mentor, four time Olympic Coach Henk van Bergen(NED.) His humane, fair, clear and realistic teachings have had a profound effect on her riding and training methodology. To this day, Henk continually confirms her training methods by always being able to provide insightful feedback and correct problem solving using the Training Scale. Lisa also trains regularly with Lars Petersen(DEN) and Gary Vander Ploeg(CDA) throughout the year.Lisa has been selected as a NEDA Symposium demo rider for Christoph Hess, Henk van Bergen and for Monica Theodorescu with Michael Klimke. Over the years, she has participated in clinics with Steffen Peters, Jane Savoie, Charles DeKunffy, Paul Belasik, Sue Blinks, Ellen Bontke, Siegfried Peilicke, Imke Schillekens-Bartels, and Bo Jena, among others.Lisa Pierson is a regular contributor to both USDF Connection and Dressage Today magazines. She has attended USDF Instructor Symposiums given by Major Anders Lindgren, Hubertus Schmidt, Debbie McDonald, Klaus Balkenhol, Steffen Peters and Kyra Kyrklund; with whom Lisa spent one week in England observing and learning Ms. Kyrklund’s training methods.In 2010, Lisa completed the USDF Instructor Certification through Fourth Level, and is a graduate of the USDF "L” Program. She has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver medals, and has won several Championships and Reserve Championships in Regions 2 and 8. Stabling is Available

Heather Reynolds Dostal – Hatfield, MA. Heather is the owner and head trainer of RER Ponies. Heather is an active and successful USDF region 8 competitor. Heather is a USDF Bronze Medalist who is currently enrolled in NEDA’s 2014 USDF L program. She trains regularly with Lendon Grey, and over the past year, she has attended clinics with Michael Klimke, and Kathy Connelly. Heather has trained many young horses and ponies, a process she enjoys immensely; she is currently bringing along Wrocketeer, a 6 year-old Oldenburg/New Forrest pony cross, training him up the levels and attending clinics with him on a regular basis. She is also well known for her work with young riders, with a focus on students who are new to the sport of dressage and eventing. Heather’s focus is on developing happy and athletic horses and ponies in both eventing and dressage. She achieves success through her systematic well-rounded and understanding approach to training. Her riders have attended the USPC championships for the past 2 years, and a number of students have also attended Dressage 4 Kids. She enjoys working with riders of all ages and at all levels at her newly-expanded USPC center.

Michele Routhier – Hopkinton, NH.  Michele Routhier operates MRF Dressage at Harvest Moon Farm in Hopkinton, NH.  She teaches and trains a wide variety of students and horses, specializing in the adult amateur.  She is actively advancing her riding and teaching skills by continuing her own education and is a long time student of Pam Goodrich.   Michele earned her USDF Bronze medal on a horse she bred and trained.  Harvest Moon Farm offers the rider a wonderful atmosphere to learn in with excellent footing and lots of mirrors!

Kristen Schwaegerle – Rye, NH.  Kristen is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist, and has competed to Intermediare II. Kristen fell in love with horses and riding as a young child, and grew up eventing and advancing through the levels of Pony Club. In 2008 she became the second person in the country to receive their Dressage A rating. Over the years, she rode and trained a number of challenging and unlikely horses to successful competitive careers, including training her own gelding all the way to competitive Prix St George and schooling Grand Prix. Kristen has won several year-end awards and in 2009 when she was honored to receive The Dressage Foundation's Amanda Ward Scholarship in addition to winning the Region 8 Young Rider Championships. In 2010 she was one of four top advanced young riders to be invited to participate in The Dressage Foundation's Olympic Dream Program to further her training and theory education in Germany. She currently trains with Danish international rider Mikala Gundersen, and has also had the opportunity to work with several top international trainers over the years both in the US and overseas. Kristen has extensive experience working with and training a variety of horses from just-under-saddle to the FEI levels, and believes strongly in developing both the rider and horse to help achieve a successful, harmonious and enjoyable partnership. She strongly values the benefits of correct, systematic, and kind gymnastic training for all horses, no matter the breed or discipline, as well as working with riders to develop their position, biomechanics and correct feel of both their body and horse. Stabling is sometimes available.

Erin Shea - Jaffrey, NH.  Erin is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist, specializing in starting and backing young horses. She has earned regional, national, and year-end Champion and Reserve Champion honors ranging from 3 year old Materiale classes through Young Adult Grand Prix. Erin enjoys working with horses and riders to develop harmonious partnerships and happy, healthy athletes. She works out of Mead Brook Equestrian Center in Jaffrey, NH. Stabling available.  No school horses available.  For more information see

Lisa-Claire Sigal – Bedford, NY and North Salem, NY.  Lisa-Claire is a USDF silver medalist and FEI competitor.  . The lessons focus on position and alignment as the basis for correct work. The goal is always a light, happy horse working in a correct classical way for that horse's conformation and ability.


Sue Smith – Hudson, NH.  I have almost 30 years experience with riding/training/showing. Level II ARIA( American riding instructor Association) in Dressage and Stable Mang. I have ridden or trained with some of the top names in the country such as, Cindi Rose Wylie, Jayne Ayers, Dottie Morkis, Michael Klimke, Luis Reteguiz-Denizard, Heidi Erickson, Maureen Remillard, and Pam Goodrich to name just a few. I specialize in Dressage and Young horses. I believe that no matter what discipline you ride your horse should know how to jump and trail ride. I don't believe in keeping them in a "bubble". I'm always trying to better myself with lessons and clinics. I love to take home new things to try on my horses and my students/clients. I try to get involved with educating the up and coming young riders, they are our future!  I also have two wonderful children and a loving husband that supports me and my passion completely! I LOVE MY JOB!!  A school horse is available


Catherine Haddad Staller – Califon, NJ.  Since 1993, Catherine was stationed in Germany where she represented the United States in competitions throughout Europe at both national and international levels. She achieved numerous results from materials level through Grand Prix on various mounts. With Maximus JSS, Cadillac and Winyamaro, she accumulated over 100 top ten placings and wins at Grand Prix.  In 2006, Haddad Staller was alternate for the US Dressage Team in Aachen at the World Equestrian Games. In 2007 she became the first American dressage rider to qualify in the Western European League for the World Cup. With Maximus JSS, she finished seventh at the 2007 FEI World Cup Finals in Las Vegas.  In 2009, Haddad Staller won 9 Grand Prix with Cadillac and Winyamaro in European competitions. In 2010, she was Reserve for the US Dressage Team for the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky and won the CDI-W at Dressage at Devon which helped her achieve a nomination to the FEI World Cup Final in April of 2011.  Winyamaro and Cadillac went on to win two tests in the USA at the Saugerties CDI-W/CDI3* in New York, September 2011.Haddad Staller returned to the USA in 2012 and now runs a training facility in Gladstone, New Jersey.  Juniors and Young Riders only. Stabling is available. 

Alix Szepesi – Litchfield, CT. Alix Szepesi (pronounced 'a-leeks' 'sep-a-she') is an FEI Dressage Trainer with over 25 years of dressage experience who has trained and competed many horses to FEI levels. She earned her International Trainer Certificate from the 2001 pilot program of the International Academy for Equestrian Studies (IAES) in Warendorf, Germany where she worked with various top level trainers including Stephan Kieswetter, Ingrid Klimke, Anke Fromming, Jan Bemelmans, Hubertus Schmidt, Susanne Meisner, EckartMeyners, and Martin Plewa. She also worked at Hof Kasselman before graduating first in her class and earning herCertificate as a Bereiter at the National Level. She returned to Sassenberg, Germany to work at the Hesselhof trainingand sales barn for 18 months with former head of the German riding school, Mr. Ralph-Michael Rash. Alix rode in clinics with the former German National Trainer, Holger Schmezer, and competed in several German dressage shows. In addition, she has worked with many nationally recognized trainers, is a 9 time USDF Region 8 Champion (including Int 1 and Int 1 freestyle), USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, and has numerous USDF Horse of the Year and All Breeds awards. In 1992, she represented the United States at the North American Young Riders Championships and in 1982, she was a Member of National Champion Pony Club Games Team. Alix's unique approach has been formed through her years of research and personal experience. She has a gift for connecting with horses and their riders. She has developed several customized training programs that are individually tailored to meet both the rider's goals and horse's capabilities. Alix firmly believes that the horses and riders need to have "fun" and enjoy training. For information, visit: Stabling may be available at Far Meadow Farm.


Kathleen Von Ertfelda – South Dartmouth, MA.  Kathleen has ridden and trained dressage for twenty-five years. She has trained six horses from youngsters to Grand Prix, earning her USDF gold medal. She competed at Grand Prix nationally and internationally from 1992 to 1999, and qualified for the Grand Prix Championships at Gladstone each year. In 1995, Kathleen trained in Germany and competed for USET at Aachen. She was also a member of the USET team that won the Team Bronze for the United States at Holland. In 1996, Kathy represented the United States at the Volvo World Cup in Sweden. In 1997, they won the Team Silver Medal at the North American championship. Currently, she trains and competes in both New England and Florida.  Stabling is available.

Rachel Markels Webber – Littleton, MA.  Rachel Markels Webber is a USDF Silver and Bronze medalist, USDF L judge graduate, and Grand Prix competitor. She offers correct classical training for the horse and rider in a relaxed, positive atmosphere. Rachel employs a series of systematic exercises to help students develop skill and confidence, and to ride their horses in true balance and harmony.  Rachel is an expert in European-style longe lessons and a certified Ride RightTM sports psychology specialist. She has studied with Kathy Connelly and Joy Congon for the past 25 years. She holds a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and is a candidate for the ALM degree in Creative Writing and Literature from Harvard University in 2014.

Samantha Williams – Byfield, MA. Samantha operates Labyrinth Dressage in South Hamilton, Mass. She is a USDF Silver Medalist and has trained and competed horses from Training Level to FEI. Her students have done well in rated regional shows and have earned USDF medals. Sam works with horses and riders in all stages of development, focusing on clear, fair, effective communication. Her systematic approach encourages relaxation and expression through the levels. She has a particular interest in starting young horses. Sam was a working student for Arlene "Tuny” Page and then assistant to Christopher Hickey for several years. She currently trains with Barend Heilbron, Shannon Dueck and clinics with Conrad Schumacher. Stabling is available may be available.

Cindi Rose Wylie - Georgetown, MA.  Cindi Wylie, based at Rosebrook Farm, is a versatile instructor, working with a variety of horses and riders. Cindi’s most recent Grand Prix horse is Audacity, a half Morgan cross.  They placed fifth in the Special at Devon.   Cindi’s philosophy regarding teaching focuses on helping riders achieve the correct balance and feel for their horse, facilitating communication between the pair through the correct use and application of their aids.  Stabling is available and a current coggins and health certificate is required for truck- ins.

Emily Wyman– Hudson, NY.  Emily has trained out of her family's Apple Hill Farm Dressage Center, LLC, since 1986.  She is a USDF Certified instructor through 4th level and has trained and competed many horses from training level through FEI.  In 2004, she trained in Germany with Ulla Salzgeber.  Emily enjoys working with students of all levels and particularly enjoys working with capable young horses.


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