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Scholarship Recipients
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congratulations to our 2015 scholarship recipients!

Donna Leonessa of Coventry, CT received an Adult Amateur scholarship for winter training with her horse, Remy in Florida with Anne Gribbons.



Kim Litwinczak of Acton, MA received a Professional scholarship to participate in the USDF "L" Education Program. 


Emily Smith of Belmont, MA received a Young Rider scholarship to attend the Lendon Gray's Winter Intensive Training Program in Florida this coming year.

Photo courtesy of Broad Meadow Farm


Tracie Richardson of Hanover, MA received a Professional Scholarship to work on attaining her USDF Silver Medal on Armani with Jane Hannigan.


Photo by: Reflections Photography Inc


Dorothy Demis of Townsend, MA received a Professional Scholarship in order to get promoted to USEF "S" judge's designation.


William McMullin of Stoughton, MA received a Professional Scholarship for the USEF "R" Program and testing.



Congratulations to our 2014 Scholarship Recipients!

Alexa Perkins of Lincolnville, ME received a Young Rider Scholarship to attend the Lendon Gray's Winter Intensive Training Program. 

Diane Holston of Athol, MA received an Amateur Scholarship to study with Colleen O'Connor Dzik with her mare Wefidence.

Krista Nordgren of South Portland, ME  received an Amateur Scholarship to study with Tanya Rennie & Kathy Connelly to work towards a USDF gold medal with her horse, Schando.

Annie Morris of Columbia, CT received a Professional Scholarship to study with Kathy Connelly & Scott Hassler to hone her skills to compete two horses, Icaro and Telerico. 

Linda Parmenter of Hubbardston, MA received a Professional Scholarship to take part in the USDF "L" program and in hopes of becoming an "L" graduate.

Heather Dostal of Hatfield, MA received a Professional Scholarship to take part in the USDF "L" program and in hopes of becoming an "L" graduate.

Erin Shea of Ashby, MA received a Professional Scholarship in order to study with Scott Hassler in hopes of competing at the National Young Horse Championships with her horse, Foster.

Congratulations to our 2013 Scholarship Recipients!

Joy Congdon of Shelburne, VT received a Professional Scholarship to study with Kathy Connelly and Anne Gribbons to confirm the Grand Prix with her mare, Wixen. 

Nora Batchelder of Williston, FL received a Professional Scholarship to study with Shelly Francis to develop the Grand Prix at the international level.   

Regina Cristo of Sand Lake, NY received an Amateur Scholarship to study with Tom and Judy Noone to develop a Second Level Freestyle.  

Roberta Carleton of Salisbury, CT received a Professional Scholarship to train with Bill Warren and Debbie McDonald with the goal of the US Developing Horse Prix St. Georges Championships in 2014.  

Paula Pierce of Holyoke, MA received a Professional Scholarship to train with Jacquie Brooks, Roel Theunissen and Henk van Bergen in preparation for the Grand Prix.  

Catherine Hill of North Ferrisburgh, VT received a Professional Scholarship which she had deferred from 2012 to train with Bill Warren and for the USDF "r” Judges Program.  

Dee Loveless of Monson, MA received an Professional Scholarship to train with Kathy Connelly and Larry Poulin in FL this winter. 

Holly Jacobson of Ipswich, MA has received an Adult Amatuer Scholarship to study with Samantha Williams and Clive Milkin as she wants to compete in the Para C & DI3 next spring.

Congratulations to our 2012 Scholarship Recipients!

Dianne Cantara will use her award to ride with Pam Goodrich to confirm the Second Level work, and start the Third Level work.

Rita Brown of Kingston, MA will study with Morten Tomsen to bring her gelding Rochefort to the Grand Prix Level.

Katherine Ayn Dow from Bow, NH will use her scholarship to ride with Pam Goodrich to obtain her final scores for her USDF Bronze Medal.

Lisa Pierson of Hopewell Junction, NY will use her scholarship for Part II of USDF L Program.

Cindi Wylie of Georgetown, MA will use her scholarship for USDF "r” Judges Program and to ride with Christoph Hess.

Sam Williams of Byfield, MA will study with Shannon Dueck and Conrad Schumacher in FL this winter toward FEI.

Alix Szepesi of Ipswich, MA will study with Bill Warren and Oded Shimoni toward the Grand Prix

Jutta Lee from Woodstock, VT will use her scholarship to help defray costs of USDF "L” Program and for training with Christoph Hess toward Grand Prix.

Congratulations to our 2011 Scholarship Recipients!

Kathy Palumbo of Lyme, CT will study with Beth Baumert with her young horse, Adonis.

Suzanne Mente of Sunderland, MA is the former Assistant Director of Riding and Dressage Team Coach at UMASS Amherst. She will be studying with Verne Batchelder and Jeanie Hahn to get her scores for the USDF "L” Program

Diana Lane of Melrose, MA will study in hand work with Bill Warren and Arthur Kottas on her Andalusian gelding, Luminar.

Leah Jamieson from Townsend, MA will be studying with Kathy Connelly to confirm the Third and Fourth Level work on her Dutch mare, Ade Lente

Nancy Chandler-Conrey from Waterboro, ME will study with Kathy Connelly with her young horse Zeppo.

Marcia Boeing of Millis, MA is using her scholarship for Part II of the USDF "L” Program.

Lainey Johnson from Bolton, MA will be studying in FL this winter with Bill Warren, Conrad Schumacher and George Williams, working towards Grand Prix.

Linda Mendenhall of Hof Mendenhall, Groton, MA will study with Christoph Hess and Michael Poulin with the goal of obtaining her USDF Sport Horse Judge License.

Congratulations to our 2010 Scholarship Recipients!

Kari Allen of Voluntown, CT will study with Ann Guptill for her Fourth Level scores to enter the USDF "r” Judges Program

Joy Bahniuk from Harvard, MA will study with Pam Goodrich and Kathy Connelly to obtain her scores toward the USDF Silver Medal.

Jen Wilson-Horr of Springvale, ME will work with George Williams on her Dutch gelding Unika (Jeffrey) to try to qualify for the PAN AM Games.

Christine Shea from Southampton, MA will use her scholarship for training her homebred gelding, Dionysus, with Cindi Rose-Wylie for the 4 yr. Old competitions.

Suzanne Markham from Monson, MA will study with Ashley Holzer and Michael Barisone to prepare for the National Grand Prix Championships in Gladstone.

Barend Heilbron owns Capstone Farm in Madbury, NH, and will study with Oded Shimoni with his young stallion, Don Dueto.

Congratulations to our 2009 Scholarship Recipients!

Rachel Marks Webber is a professional from Littleton, MA. She has a new Trakehner, Pavarati, who has competed through Grand Prix, and Rachel wants to work with both Kathy Connelly and Joy Congdon to get her scores for her USDF Silver Medal and for the USDF "r” judges program

Peggy Wood is an Adult Amateur from Leeds, MA who has competed up to Fourth Level with her gelding, Ron. She will be working with Becky Schurink to further confirm the Fourth Level work, and perhaps start Prix St. Georges.

Rennie runs Vienna Farm with her husband, Jim Jeager, in Gorham, ME. She has competed through Grand Prix, and will be spending time in Florida this year with Kathy Connelly with 2 Grand Prix horses, DeJure and Swing Time.
Tanya Rennie

Katie Rocco is a USDF "L” graduate and runs Dragonfly Farm in Sandisfield, MA. She will studying with Kathy Connelly, Leslie de Grandmaison and Joy Congdon with her hew horse for the scores to enter the USDF "r” judges program and for her USDF Bronze Medal.

Congratulations to our 2008 Scholarship Recipients!

Sue McKeown of Harvard, MA is an Adult Amateur currently riding her Swedish Warmblood, Marty at Grand Prix. She will be using her scholarship to develop her Grand Prix Freestyle with Terry Ciotti Gallo this year.
Sue McKeown

Sue Jaccoma of Kennebunk, ME has developed many young horses to the FEI levels. She will be working with Lars Peterson in Florida this winter to bring her latest 2 horses up to the USEF High Performance arena for the beginning of their Grand Prix careers.

Congratulations to our 2007 Scholarship Recipients!

Gretchen DeMone is a USDF Certified Instructor from Rehoboth, MA, and is riding her horse Gershwin at Prix St. Georges. She will be training in Florida this winter with Kathy Connelly to bring Gershwin to Grand Prix, and hopefully get her scores for her USDF Gold Medal.

Gretchen DeMone

Courtney King Dye, from New Milford, CT. will be using her scholarship to study this winter with Klaus Balkenhol. She will be taking both Idocus and Mythilus, and preparing for the Olypmic Selection Trials. Good luck to Courtney!
Frederica Crafts, a young rider and daughter of our former NEDA President, Sybille, will be studying with Madeleine Austin in VT this winter to prepare her and her horse to represent Region 8 at the NAYRC in 2008
Willette Brown is a professional and USF "L” graduate from Union, ME who has been accepted into the USDF "r” judges program. Willette will be traveling to Colorado to complete this training. UDATE: Willette received her USDF "r” in the summer of 2009!

Willette Brown

Congratulations to our 2006 Scholarship Recipients!

Sybille Crafts, our former NEDA President, is from E. Killingly, CT. She has competed extensively both in her native Germany, and here in the US. She will be using her award to finish the USDF "L” Program.
Sybille Crafts
Sybille Crafts

Kate O’Connor is an Adult Amateur and a long time NEDA Volunteer from Rutland, MA. She has worn just about every hat that NEDA has at one time or another! She will be using her award to put her horse in training with Jerry Schurink this winter so she can begin her work towards her USDF Bronze Medal.
Elisabeth Austin, from Williston VT, is a former young rider, and won the 2006 Brentina Cup Award with her horse, Olivier. She was awarded an International Scholarship to train with Klaus Balkenhol in Germany this winter to prepare Olivier for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
2006 Scholarship Recipients!

Congratulations to our 2005 Scholarship Recipients!

Marcia Boeing is an Adult Amateur from Millis, MA who has had great success with her young horse Revelry at the USDF Levels. She will be spending the winter in FL, training with Shannon Dueck, to bring Revelry to Prix St. Georges.
Sandy Osborn is an FEI instructor and trainer based in Deerfield, MA. Sandy would like to compete her horse, Miles, at Grand Prix in 2006, and will be working with Terry Ciotti Gallo to develop her Grand Prix Freestyle.

Congratulations to our 2004 Scholarship Recipients!

Beth Dzaugis is a Sport Horse Breeder from Sturbridge, MA whose young horses have won many Breed Show awards, both regionally and nationally. Beth will be using her award, the first Breed Scholarship given, to work with Hans Heinrich Bruining Germany for experience towards her USDF Breed Show Judge's License.
Diane Holston, from Athol, MA, is a long time NEDA volunteer at both the Spring and Fall Shows. Diane will be using her Adult Amateur Scholarship to study with Jerry Schurink to bring her horse to Third Level, and get her USDF Bronze Medal.
Luis Denizard runs Delante Stables in Lincoln, RI. He will be taking his young horse, Aleman, to Holland to work with Robert Zandvoort and Suzy Dunkley to develop the FEI movements.
Lou Denizard
Photo: Bristol Work Shop - Julie Brigidi

Emily Gershberg is from Hudson, NY. She is an instructor and trainer through the FEI Levels, and will be taking her horse to Germany to work with Ulla Salzgeber.

Congratulations to our 2003 Scholarship Recipients!

Chris Hickey, from Westhampton, MA, is a standard in the show ring. He has competed through Grand Prix, and is a USDF Certified Instructor through 4th level as well a faculty member for the certification program. He will be taking 2 horses, Levin and Lightning, to Germany to train with Ulla Salzgeber in the spring of 2004.
Chris Hickey on Werbellin

Pierre St. Jacques was on the winning Gold Medal Team at the 2003 Panamerican Games with his horse, Lucky Tiger. He is from Boscawen, NH, and will be taking Lucky Tiger to Germany to train with Klaus Balkenhol in the fall of 2003. Pierre wants to confirm the Grand Prix movements with Tiger, and expose him to the level of competition in Europe.
Pierre St Jacques

Ida Anderson is from Farmington, Maine, and is an "S” judge. She has received her Bronze and Silver Medals from the USDF, and is currently working with Lord Lakota, a 9 year old Trakhener that she hopes to bring to Grand Prix to get her Gold Medal. Ida will use her scholarship to travel to Sweden to train with Bo Jena at Flyinge this fall for 8 weeks.
Elaine Donoghue competes throughout New England as a Rider with Disability at the NDSA Grade III Level. She has been listed in 2003 on the National List of Riders with Disabilities, and has been invited to compete in the NDSA Championships at the USET Festival of Champions, and for the U.S. internationally. She will use her award to further her training for international competitions.
Dorothy Demis has competed through Grand Prix, and received her Gold Medal with Fabian, her current Grand Prix horse. She is currently a "r” judge, and is interested in working toward the "R” rating. Dorothy will train with Roel Theunissen at Wadsworth Farm this spring to confirm the Grand Prix movements, especially the piaffe/passage tour.

Congratulations to our 2002 Scholarship Recipients!

Sue McKeown of Harvard, Mass. is the first recipient of an Adult Amateur Scholarship in the history of the Scholarship Program. Sue is pursuing her goals with her Swedish Warmblood gelding, Marshall. She is currently riding at the FEI levels including CDI’s. She will use the scholarship money toward her training with Roel Theunissen of Danvers, Mass., so that she may finish "Marty’s” training to Grand Prix and hopefully obtain her USDF Gold Medal.
Sarah Geikie received an award to train in the Netherlands with Bert Rutten.Sarah is an accomplished rider, trainer and instructor who has been an active member of the dressage community in Connecticut, New England and the U.S. for many years. She is an "S" judge, a USDF certified instructor through 4th Level, and coordinator of NEDA's FlexTime Instructor Program for Junior/YoungRiders. In 1999 she was awarded the Lindgren Scholarship and in 2001 she received a scholarship from the Dressage Foundation. She plans to take two horses to the Netherlands during the summer and fall of 2002. Her goals are to compete in Europe, to be promoted to an "FEI I" judge, and to become a USDF FEI Level instructor.
Jennifer Wilson-Horr, from Springvale, Maine, received an award to participate in the 2002 USDF Instructors Certification Program. Jennifer is an active instructor and competitor who made the change from combined training to full time dressage after a serious accident in 1998. She has been extremely successful in the show ring in recent years with her horse Enchanted Rose, earning many high scores and USDF year end awards.
Sue Edelen received an award to participate in the 2002 USDF Instructors Certification Program. Sue is a well respected rider and instructor based in S. Hamilton, Massachusetts. She is an active NEDA volunteer and a competitor who has shown a wide variety of horses over the years, from her first dressage mount, an ex-race horse, to her current partner, a young Oldenburg mare.

Congratulations to our 2001 Scholarship Recipients!

Leslie de Grandmaison, from Auburn, NH, received an award to participate in the "L" Judge's program. Leslie, an active rider and competitor for many years, may be familiar to those who enjoyed her Pas de Deux performances at recent shows. In addition to dressage training and freestyles, she has a strong interest in sport horse breeding and has worked extensively with horses in-hand at keurings and breed shows. Leslie recently decided to relinquish her amateur status and pursue a full time career in riding, teaching and judging.
Kathy Hickerson, from Brookline, NH received an award to pursue her license as an AHSA Dressage Sport Horse Judge. Kathy is an active NEDA volunteer, serving on the NEDA Board for many years and on the Fall Show committee where she is very involved with the Breed Show. She operates Majestic Gaits Farm where she has produced many award winning NAWPN foals. In recent years,Kathy has led tours to the prestigous breed shows in the Netherlands.
Diane Catanzaro, from Hope, RI, was awarded a grant to train with Bert Rutten in the Netherlands.

Congratulations to our 2000 Scholarship Recipients!

Shannon Oldham-Dueck of Rehobeth, MA was awarded a scholarship to train with Bert Rutten, in the Netherlands. Shannon will be taking her 8-year-old Dutch gelding, Korona, and Judy Bernier's 7-year-old Dutch stallion, Leoliet. Korona is the horse with which Shannon won an individual Silver Medal at the 1999 Pan American Games. In his debut at Grand Prix this year, "Kees," (pronounced "Kase") as he is known around the barn, has been a winner at Saratoga, in Open Grand Prix, and in all of his CDI classes in the Grand Prix and Special at Blainville, Canada, NEDA Fall, and Devon. Shannon's goals for training with Rutten will be to further confirm Kees' strength in the Grand Prix movements, to achieve scores in the high 60s to 70s, and to gain the exposure to international judges only possible if one competes in Europe.
Shannon Oldham-Dueck
Photo Carole Macdonald

Jennifer Baumert of Columbia, CT was awarded a scholarship that she will use to spend four months training with Conrad Schumacher in Germany. This will be Jen's second tour at Herr Schumacher's stable, having gone a few years back on an ASMIS grant. Jennifer's goals for the two horses that will be accompanying her are to introduce them to the Grand Prix movements under Herr Schumacher tutelage. Both horses have shown promise in their early showing and Jennifer is anxious to work with Schumacher on horses she expects to have an extended partnership with.
Jennifer Baumert
Photo Carole Macdonald

Congratulations to our 1999 Scholarship Recipients!

Renate Lansburgh of Middleboro, Mass. has received $1,500 in the Professional category to use toward the USDF Precertification clinic at Ann Guptill’s in Connecticut held in September, as well as the final Testing at the University of Mass. in Amherst that took place in the beginning of October.
The most exciting part of it is that not only was she the highest scoring applicant the committee has ever had, but she then proceeded to pass the testing and is now officially a USDF Certified Instructor through Fourth Level. Renate has given so much to NEDA over the years in so many ways, and the committee is thrilled to be able to support her in furthering her education and qualifications which will only benefit us all!
Dee Loveless of Columbia, CT was awarded a scholarship toward the training she needed to help her achieve the scores required to go into the "R" judges program as she is seeking to move up from a "r" to an "R". She reports that she was indeed successful in achieving that this summer and is thrilled.
Dee Loveless on Roy

Kyle Elissa McIver received a scholarship to train with Barend Heilbron in order to finish training her horse through Grand Prix. Rebecca Schurink was awarded a scholarship to go through the USDF Workshops and Precertification program in preparation for testing for Certification. We wish all of our recipients much success in their endeavors.
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